Momentum NJ LLC serves two main missions. Mission #1 is to provide the customer with premium quality pieces that will last a life time at an affordable rate compared to leading competitors. Mission #2 is to help fix an unfair criminal justice system. 

Let's break down each mission individually:

Mission #1: We all know the popular streetwear brands. We love their brand and see all of our favorite celebs rocking it. We go to the website and see that a hoodie is $150 and a T-Shirt is $60. We get discouraged and log off. Momentum NJ LLC should be the reason you don't log off. Not only are you donating to a great cause, you are getting HIGH END garments for 2x cheaper than the leading streetwear companies. The trend starts...NOW.

Mission #2: 

  • 1 in 3 Black Men are likely to be imprisoned as opposed to 1 in 17 White Men
  • 1 in 6 Latino Men are likely to be imprisoned
  • People of color make up only 37% of the USA population, but 67% of the prison population
  • People of color are likely to serve 10% longer prison sentences for the same crimes as their white counterparts.

Much Love,

Odeani McBean

CEO & Founder,

Momentum NJ LLC