Inspiration: Momentum NJ also known as "momentum threads", is a high quality yet minimalist clothing brand. The brand was inspired by a conversation I had with my son in 2020 who was in the 2nd grade at the time. He used the word momentum in a sentence and I essentially told him cut it out, you don't even know what that word means. Turns out he did, he defined it perfectly. I felt like a loser parent lol. So, here we are.

I am a one man show on a moderate 9-5 salary with no help. I purchase premium quality garments, design them, and sell them for minimal profit compared to most brands. A portion of all proceeds go towards "The Sentencing Project" at A non-profit that fights for a fair prison and criminal justice system in America. In undergrad I took a criminal justice course at Morgan State University and it opened my eyes to these atrocities in the system. Since then, I knew when I had the opportunity to make a difference, I would.

About The Collections:

The collections I create are all inspired by meaningful conversations I have with those closest to me in my life. This is what makes "momentum." so authentic. The approach is not to "hurry up and create random eye catching designs". The approach is that I go through life and experiences, and I share them through conversation with my family and friends. For me, if two months go by and a conversation does not spark or move me, then nothing gets created. These collections are carefully curated to capture the most meaningful moments in my adult life wrapped in conversations.

Shop With A Cause: A portion of all proceeds will be donated to "The Sentencing Project" at The criminal justice system in America is beyond broken. I have always been an advocate for fair sentencing. A person with lighter skin pigment should not be receiving a significant reduction in sentencing for the same crime as someone with darker skin.

Eco- Friendly: All of our T-shirts are 100% organic. Our T-shirts are made with 100% organic ring-spun cotton that is manufactured in a factory that practices Eco-friendly manufacturing.   

Affordable High Quality: You get what you pay for. Our pieces are ALL of the highest quality. Most streetwear brands that use these pieces are charging 2x-3x more than what momentum charges. Our T-shirts are 5.5oz organic 100% ring-spun cotton compared to the standard 3.5 oz most brands offer. Our hoodies are 13.5oz compared to the standard 7-8oz most brands offer. Lastly, all of our pieces include our brand logo hand-sewn woven labeling and hand-sewn inside neck tags.

With Love,

Momentum NJ